Monday, February 6, 2012

The West Precinct of the Horyu-Ji Temple - Pagoda - RR4

The Japanese Pagoda is a symbol of religious sanctity and power. It is a place that the people hold in the highest regard for the honor that it shows to Buddha. The Pagoda on the complex of the Horyu-Ji Temple is supposed to be the oldest wooden building in history - the center pillar possibly dating from 594 BC. It is even more interesting to me how the pagoda is a structure meant, not for function, but rather for inspiration. It's commodity is virtually nonexistent, but it's firmness and delight are both clear - as well as it's symbolism as stacks.


  1. Great photos & tying in with commodity, firmness, and delight. Come up with titles that demonstrate the concept of your reading response. In the future, include all of your text within your reading response composition. Make sure to connect your ideas to present day!

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