Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Post 1

Below is the image that I am using for this first blog post - or design autobiography; whichever it is, or both.

So, there might be an argument that I cheated, or skimped, or something on my object. But, I feel that it more than adequately fulfills the requirements. The requirements state that we must choose an object that is meaningful and well designed. My hands are very much meaningful and well designed. I certainly have no argument that a man designed my hands, but, a Creator did. And whatever the design process was for them, they seem to work pretty well. 

How they fit for me in the way that I view design is also a bit interesting. I actually work in construction. My major at UNCG is Technical Theatre Production, and I'm a general contractor on the side. Thus, I get my fair share of designs thrown my way. I rely on the designers of shows to give me what it is I'm supposed to build, and the same goes for architects or interior designers when I contract. Thus, my appreciation for design is one of how to make it come to fruition. How do the designs come to be after they have been seen on paper? How they get from the designer's head to the page is fascinating to me, but more my speed is how I make them happen from their head to a reality. I use my thoughtfully designed hands to in turn build someone else's thoughtfully designed (insert name here). 

It's a pretty cool trade off. 

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  1. Nice thinking outside the box! Use a bigger/more legible font in your image. What is the object's meaning culturally/sub-culturally?