Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Post 3 - Xiangyang as a Symbol of Power

I think that the Xiangyang palace is arguably the better representation of architecture. It is a firm example of power - using the examples of stacks and groves. I personally feel that it is a better example of power than the Acropolis - however it could be simply my monotheistic views that would explain why I view it as such. It is a symbol of a truer power than that of the gods, as I view it. There is also another type of power to be beheld in the fact that the palace is a place of intimidation and power that was feared, rather than simply intellectual. 

It is an awesome and awe inspiring example of stacks and groves - all the columns and steps are truly a sign of something amazing. I find it to be much more intriguing as an example of architecture and symbolism than the Acropolis. 

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  1. You have some very good thoughts here about power and how the architecture conveys that. What do the readings say about those ideas? Keep your ideas going.