Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Post 12 - Good Design For ALL

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte is a place that I consider to have been designed well for all.

As a person who is a concert goer, I have been in the space many times on the public end of it, and marvel at how well put together it is. However, I also marvel at the backstage part of the space as someone who has done many load ins and load outs on that stage for many shows. Although the space is set for many many people to walk around, it's also set up to be useful to those of us who have to do other things in the space. I have parked multiple 26' box trucks in the space to walk around so that we could set up merchandise, unload food into booths, etc. There is ample dock space for 5 trucks to be, a grid that means that hanging points doesn't require tons of bridles on the high steel... All of these things that just make it a space that crew, performers, and attenders can genuinely appreciate.

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  1. Nice use of personal experience that relates to good design. But what about the other elements of design such as aesthetics or acoustics? An amphitheater can have ample space which is helpful, but there are many other important elements of design that need to be present in order to enjoy a concert.