Friday, April 27, 2012

An Object, Space, Building, and Place to Finish Out the Year - Final Blog Post

The DeWalt 18V Impact Driver is an object that has shaped my everyday life more than I would have ever thought that it could. When I was first getting into construction, I would use a drill to drive screws. When I got into construction more, I used an impact that a friend had, and found that it makes my life much easier as well as efficient. As soon as I had the money, I went out and purchased one of my own. 
The Taylor Scene Shop of UNCG Theatre is a space that has shaped me into who I am. As a BFA Undergrad in the UNCG Theatre Program, I have spent a whole lot of time in this shop. It is to the point now that for me to be anywhere other than the scene shop really kind of feels weird. If I go a day without walking in, I typically will make sure to make a trip by there later just so that I'm not out of touch. 
The Santa Fe Opera is a building that changed me. I was a Stage Crew Apprentice out there in the summer of 2011. I learned a lot, spent 14 weeks away from home in a place I knew nothing about, and worked more hours than I can ever get back in my life. It was hard work, it was a long summer, but I was a part of some of the largest productions that I have ever seen put on anywhere in one of the most majestic buildings in the desert, and that is something that will shape me forever. 
The city of Charlotte is a place that has made me who I am today. I was born and raised there, and that is where I plan to live in the foreseeable future. I learned who I am, was shaped, and will always have a place in my heart for that place that made my heart. 

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