Monday, April 16, 2012

Modernism - A Modern Marvel As Best We Can Describe It.

The word modern means something different every day, since yesterday was in the past, and the day before, etc. The future does not stay that way always. So, modern incorporates the past, present, and future, but does so in a way that is as up to date as possible, sometimes even futuristic.
But, there are some places that still say classical in their design and use. There are also many places that say modern in every way. I would say that the Beatles Love Theatre by Cirque du Soleil in the Mirage is an example of a place that is modern.
It incorporates the past by using a space that was used for Siegfried and Roy's show, but was upfitted. Cirque did a great job modernizing the space - every seat gets 5 speakers, the GrandMA light board uses 30/32 universes of it's capabilities, and the Rigging is incredible. It is amazing to see a space that was once purposed one way used for something else, which is an idea that is in and of itself, modern. The idea of recycling rather than building fresh is one that is pretty recent in the grand scheme of things.
The picture I chose is outside the theatre by the box office on the way in. It incorporates the show pretty well - the whole show is like this. People are flying, lights are going, there is no shortage of things to look at or pay attention to. It truly is a modern take on some classic music in an older space.

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